What we publish

We post high quality plagiarism free contents based on business which range from 500 to 1000 words which are usually written by people or freelancer who are looking for online work. Our articles generally includes

  1. Tutorial : We post business write for us type article that can help new peopleĀ 
  2. Reviews: This type of article is the backbone of our site as our major traffic is of the people who visit our site to get some opinion about particular things.
  3. Ultimate Guide: This type of write up is suitable for he people who likes to know more about a particular topic. The article can act as a reference guide to which people would refer again and again.
  4. Case studies: These are very important part of our website as it help a person to learn from its mistakes of others which he can avoid in his industry.

How to submit

You can send your article to us over mail but we generally prefer google doc as we can easily provide our suggestions and comment there.


After you submit your article with us one of our editor will review it and if he found to be satisfactory then he may contact you for any changes that he would like to make.

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