A platform that provides you to share your views and experience in the field of gaming or any one who has interest in gaming.

You can write us blogs and get your work published to make other people know about it. You can write to us about the stories, gaming rules or guidelines for gaming, any news realted to gaming. Be creative share your experience to get more knowledge and views.

Do you want to write to us?

You can share your content as a rough idea or proper sample to us with the proper detailing to the paragraph. Now these content would be published and feed back would be given for the further assistance. But the article should not be published else where.

How to write to us?

We always encourage new authors with new content and creative content. You can always write to us as a guest for gaming write for us and we appreciate your efforts. The knowledge you impart will be some how beneficial to the people.

Important points:

  • The article should be proper well written and drafted, should be a high quality content.
  • The content should not have been published anywhere else otherwise it would not be considered.
  • The articles on the mentioned theme would be considered.
  • The length of the article should be 800 to 100 words.
  • The article should be something out of the box.
  • Affiliate marketing would help you in get paid for this. 


People sometimes lack knowledge about gaming in some aspects this platform and your blog would provide them with ample of knowledge.

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