With the increase in the number of smartphone user and availability of internet, The taste of people has also changed they prefer to watch web series more, in comparison to movies or tv series as they feel more interconnected with this web series as these series are less dramatic and is generally based on situations that exist in the society.

The fan of Project Free Tv was scripted on the day when they come to know that their favourite website. Project Free Tv was taken down, and all they see was one-word “goodbye”.

Gradually the panic starts to build by across its tan, and they begin to look for any such alternatives. While searching for the alternative people came across another website project free Tv website.

As everything was quite similar and only the change was in the domain name. But it was just after the five months later that people I earn that this website was a fake and the original site is project free Tv US.

As told by one of the cofounders. They were facing some law issue, and hence we have to close our old site.

So are the people who have created this site will be prosecuted under the law, no not actually.

The sites like Free Project Tv, are registered as the search engine for the videos, that are searched on them, and they are not responsible for the content hosted on the other websites.

They also make clear that neither they upload any video or content on these sites nor they know the people who upload them. Thus this way, they are legally safe.


It is quite safe and legal to use the project free tv content for personal viewing. But one should avoid downloading any particular content from their site.


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